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Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm CST.

Yes, walk-ins are welcome during normal business hours. In order for your project to begin printing the following business day, the following criteria must be met:

-Your order must be submitted and processed.

-Payment must be processed and approved. Declined payments may delay your projects.

-Artwork must be uploaded or sent via email. *Please note that Versa Printing is not responsible for artwork that is sent via email and not received in a timely manner. Uploading directly to the website is the most efficient way.

- All Artwork must be approved by the customer AND pre-press.

-All processes must be complete BEFORE 3:45PM CST in order to meet the cut off time.

Will call is located at: 2631 Brenner Dr. Dallas, TX 75220. Will call is open from 9am-6pm CST. We will notify you via email informing that your job is at will call and ready for pick up. Should your order not be picked up during these hours, your job it will be available the following business day at 9am. Please remember if you have multiple orders, you should contact customer service for updated information for each additional order.


Cut-off time/Deadlines

Standard turnaround cut-off time – 4:00pm CST: First day of production will be the NEXT Business Day.

Rush Service* cut-off time – 10:00am CST: First day of production will be the same day but the order will not be guaranteed for pick up the same day.) 

*Additional fees will apply*

Turnaround time is based on a Monday-Friday work week.  Versa Printing observed holidays are not accounted for in a normal production week.  Please consider this when placing an order. Contact Customer Service for holiday hours of operation to avoid delays in printing.

Cut-off Times

2-7 business days=Standard Turn- 4:00PM CST     

IF ALLcriteria* is met, First day of production will be the NEXT business day.

Rush Service**- 10:00am CST     

Contact Customer Service for availability for Rush Service.                  

IF ALLcriteria* is met, First day of production will be the SAME business day but not guaranteed for pick up the same say.

*Payment is processed, Order is processed, artwork is uploaded, pre-press approves artwork for printing. Final proof (if any) is approved by the customer. (*Incorrect artwork may delay turnaround time)*

Turnaround time does not include any transit time required for shipping and/or delivering your order.  

If a faster turnaround is needed, please call 1.866.532.9616 for a custom quote. **Additional fees will apply.

Turn-around or production time is the time that it takes for the job to be fully printed, trimmed and boxed to be ready for pick up or shipped. Turn-around time only includes business days. Please review our non-production dates to avoid delays in your print project. Your turn-around/production time does not begin until you have uploaded the job, reviewed the proof, and approved the job for print. Once your job is approved for print, our pre-press will review your artwork. If we find issues we will contact you for further instructions. Cut-off times for standard turnaround is 4:00pm CST. Cut-off times for Rush service is 10:00am CST. Contact Customer Service for Rush Service availability. If a job is cancelled or removed from production, your job’s turn-around/production time will restart. Please remember that turn-around time DOES NOT include the time it takes for transit.

Short for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black, and pronounced as separate letters. CMYK is a color model in which all colors are described as a mixture of these four process colors. CMYK is the standard color model used in offset printing for full-color documents. Because such printing uses inks of these four basic colors, it is often called four-color printing. Color variance may occur when printing on Gloss Paper, or Matt Paper or based on different types of coating.

Our system supports RGB (red, green, blue) for producing digital prints. We have accurately mapped color pallet to match RGB to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key or black) to ensure proper 4-color printing. Also you may submit your files in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key or black). And PMS Pantone Matching System

We do offer a file repair option that would assist in getting your file onto our press and this service is for a nominal fee, and would not include any design work. Design is available for an additional fee. (Contact customer service for details) File Repair/Manipulation service only includes, converting, fixing bleeds, caution zone issues, embedding fonts, orientation, resizing. The only repair that cannot be fixed is resolution however we can replace the images with higher resolution if you provide them. The fee for this service is only $15.00. Once the file has been repaired and uploaded, we consider the file repair complete and any changes made to the file thereafter would incur an additional $15.00.

DPI (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch) the number of pixels that fit horizontally and vertically into a one-inch space. Adjusting an image/file from a low resolution to a high-resolution image may cause an image to appear blurry or pixelated. EX: A JPEG that is 72DPI changed to 300DPI will cause your file to become distorted and will not print properly.

We require a minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch) of resolution for maximum optimization of your printed piece. A file that has a resolution below 300 DPI may print with unwanted results.

  • To maintain quality, black line copy should be a minimum 6 pts. sans serif medium font. All type should be easily read and of a dark density.
  • Vector art is only accepted for screen printing.
  • When creating files on vector based software such as InDesign or Illustrator, all text must be converted to outlines before generating a final PDF or EPS.
  • Type may be reversed out of screens, PMS areas, or separations. To maintain quality, reverse type should be a minimum 8 pts. sans serif bold face font.
  • Please set black object and type over 18 pts. to be  60C, 40M, 40Y, 100K.

We use offset printing, which provides the highest quality of print material for both text and images.

Bleed is designing your file so that your background color or images extends beyond the edge of the final piece size. Adding .125” or 1/8” on EACH side, totaling .25” or ¼” to allot for full bleed. For example: A 2x3.5 size business card will have a final file size of 2.25x3.75 to ensure full bleed. Bleed must be added to your piece or it may be subject to a small white border around the final printed piece.

Versa Printing Inc. offers two types of free templates. One is the Interactive Templates, with the interactive templates you can use the pre-designed products, enter your text or input images with our pre-designed templates. The other is our Design Assistance Templates, with the design assistance template, will show you or the person you choose to design your file the guidelines needed to meet our press specs. You may use these in any design software that will allow you to use a .JPEG, .PDF or .Pub files. You must delete the template before uploading or this will print on the final piece. If you need any assistance please contact customer service at 1-866-532-9616


There are three options for designing and customizing a product. Click a product on the left-hand panel and choose one of the options.

1. Custom Design: lets you customize the products. Click it to open the design studio and use multiple tools to create your own design.

2. Upload Design: using this option, you can upload your own JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, EPS, AI, PDF and PSD images.

3. Browse Design: use this to select hundreds of pre-loaded templates. Work on them or customize them through our design studio.

Shrink wrap or shrink film, is a material made up of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied to this material it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. Shrink wrap is commonly used as an overwrap on many types of packaging, including cartons, boxes, beverage cans and pallet loads. A variety of products may be enclosed in shrink wrap to stabilize the products, unitize them, keep them clean or add tamper resistance.

The thickness of the stock is expressed in weight. Depending on the density this will determine which term is used. In the countries following the European system, it is grams per square meter (gsm or g/m2 or simply g) and in the US system it is Pound (lb. or #), or pt./calipers. Referring to (lb. or #) this refers to the weight per 500 Press size sheets. EX:  A quantity of 500 28x40 press size sheets of 70lb uncoated text weight stock will weigh 70lbs. Referring to pt./calipers, refers to the thickness of the stock in 1/1000ths of an inch in thickness. EX: A 12pt Cover/Card stock will measure .012 calipers or .012” thick.  The higher the weight value, the thicker the stock.

General uses for paper/text weight stock: Letterhead/Flyers/Brochures/Sales Sheets/Posters/Catalogs/Calendars and more!

General uses for card/cover weight stock: Business Cards/Postcards/Greeting Cards/Door Hangers/Bookmarks/File Folders/Presentation Folders/Booklets/ and more!

Coated papers are available in two finishes – glossy (shiny and smooth) and uncoated (flat/dull and lusterless). Coated glossy papers reflect the light evenly so they are suitable for almost all types of printing jobs. Glossy papers have a good ink holdout, (paper saturation) which is important for creating sharp, bright images. A common use for the coated stock is postcards, flyers, catalogs, and door hangers.  Uncoated paper stocks will reflect some light but usually feel smooth to the touch. Color saturation and ink coverage will appear lighter or not as bright on an uncoated stock.  The most common use that you will find for the uncoated stock is letterhead, business cards and greeting cards.


No, the price list indicates basic prices of products against the speculative quantities. The prices are calculated with regard to the most basic paper/card types, sizes and single side printing. As you know, the final printing cost depends on many parameters: paper/card weights or thickness (GSM/Pt), glossy or matt finish, 2 or 4 colors, square or rounded corners, single or double side printing, quantity, destination shipping charges and the mode of transport. Please use the indicative prices for calculating the basic cost. Once you place the order using the above parameters, we will quickly mail you the final, exact cost. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.


Since we are a custom manufacturer, in order to issue a job number for pre-flighting and to begin the full printing process for your specific order we must accept full payment by credit card, money order, cashier’s check, company checks, or PayPal. Unless other terms for payment have been arranged.